Wall IDEducating our youth is a top priority. As parents and teachers we are constantly thinking of new, creative, positive and exciting ways to bring meaning into children's lives. It is with this in mind that we created the Mitzvah Train.


A place to showcase and display children's good deeds to themselves and onlookers.


A place to put up those things we want our children to really be proud of - their good character.


But this is no ordinary message board. We have specially designed this whimsical decal to be reusable by making it Dry-Erase. That means that using a dry erase marker on it- you can fill that train up with mitzvahs and when you need more space, simply erase as you would any Dry-Erase surface and start again!


We have even made clear windows in the train so you can place up to 17 pictures into the picture slots- looking like the kids are riding the train! Perfect for the home- perfect for the classroom! We are so excited for you to try it out!



Wall ID: Mitzvah Train decals

The Mitzvah Train

Wall ID: Mitzvah Train

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Sheet Size: 26" x 9.75"


1 sheet with 18 Vinyl, repositionable DRY ERASE decals.
(Dry Erase marker not included)



Available soon at your local Jewish Store!

Mitzvah Train Decal





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Clear background for a clean look

Clear Background Mitzvah Train