Shabbos Safe Hotplate

Designed with Safety in Mind for use on Shabbos & Yom Tov

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Shabbos Safe Hot Plate



Shabbos Safe Hot Plate

Shabbos Safe Hot Plate

Shabbos Safe Hot Plate Specs:

Heating surface: 21 1/4" x 16 1/8"

Length including handles: 23.5"

Width: 16 1/8"

Height: 2 3/4"

Cord length: 44"

Unit Power: 110 Volts AC, 2.5 Amps, 280 Watts

Shabbos and Yom Tov without Worry

The Shabbos Safe Hot Plate was designed by an Electronic Engineering Technician with the first priority being safety. Many observant Jewish families keep their food warm with small appliances that were not originally designed to be safely left on for the duration of Shabbos, Yom Tov or a 3-day Shabbos/Yom Tov. Over a period of time, these devices can fail and become a fire hazard.


The Shabbos Safe Hot Plate was designed from the very start to be left on for extended use, to draw less electricity, to have built-in electrical safe-guards and to be a product that would last for many, many years. It is also built only with parts that are solid and durable. With the Shabbos Safe Hot Plate, you can be confident that you are using a device that will be reliable and safe.


Enjoy hot food* on Shabbos and Yom Tov with the Shabbos Safe Hot Plate and without the worry.


*Please consult your local Rav about which foods can be placed on a Hot Plate on Shabbos.

Some foods can be placed on the Hot Plate before Shabbos to keep it warm, but again, please consult your local Rav regarding halacha of heating food.


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Tested and Certified for Safety by ETL / Intertek

Intertek ETLThe ETL Mark (Electrical Testing Labs) is proof that the certified product complies with North American safety standards. This certification is recognized by authorities in the electrical fields and is recognized by consumers to mean that the products bearing this certification are safe for home use. The Shabbos Safe Hot Plate was rigorously lab-tested for safety so you can have peace of mind when operating it for the duration of Shabbos or Yom Tov


Think of it as a a hechsher for electrical devices.





What makes the Shabbos Safe Hotplate safer?


1) Tubular, stainless steel heating element (same part that is used in ovens) is much sturdier and safe than live wire coils used in other hotplates.


2) No glass, ceramic insulators or fragile components used in the heating element.

Heating Element


3) Thermal cutoff installed internally: protects the unit from extreme changes in temperature.


4) Ground fault circuit breaker



5) Unit draws only 2.5 amps, 280 Watts: unlike other warming trays and hotplates, this unit only takes the amount of energy it needs. This prevents wasted energy and potential overloads.



Tips for Use

High Density Foods

Foods that take longer to heat due to their high density such as kugels, thick sauces or soups should be placed in thin aluminum pans directly on the surface of the Hot Plate. This will allow the heat to transfer more quickly through the highly conductive aluminum material of the pan. Using glass or ceramic pots or pans may prevent these types of foods from heating quickly or thoroughly.


Foil Pans


Low Density Foods

Some foods may have a tendency to burn easily such as vegetables, chicken or foods with higher fat content. It is recommeded to place a pan between the surface of the Hot Plate and the container holding these types of lower density foods. The pan will act like a buffer so the food will remain warm without burning or drying out.


Can I Kosher my Hot Plate for Pesach?

The top surface of your Shabbos Safe Hotplate can be Kashered for Pesach but please consult your local Rabbi or Hallachic Authority. The unit needs to be clean, free of all food debris, stickers and or stains. If the unit is completely clean, then the stainless steel top surface can koshered by using an open flame. The top surface only needs to reach a temperature hotter than the normal operating temperature of the hotplate. Please be careful only to heat the top surface, avoid heating plastic parts directly with flame.


TechYidCo./Kosher Innovations is not responsible for damage caused by improper use of the flame. TechYidCo./Kosher Innovations is not a Halachic authority, and kashering your Shabbos Safe Hotplate should only be done by a competent Rabbi or Halachic Authority.

Approved by major poskim

Haskamas for Shabbos Safe Hot PlateCertified by
the Beit Din of Crown Heights
and Oregon Kosher Vaad Hakashrus

"The Shabbos Safe Hot Plate does not require a blech. The Shabbos Safe unit only has one setting and there is no method for changing the temperature. Additionally, the heating element is mounted by metal framework to the bottom housing. There is a one inch gap of internal airspace between the heating element and the surface of the hotplate. Thus, the surface acts as the blech."


Since the surface of the Shabbos Safe Hot Plate is made of stainless steel, it is kashurable.


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