Red Mushroom KosherLamp

The RED Mushroom KosherLamp

Lower the Mushroom Cap to hide the light

Sturdy--Topple Resistant

Strong and Durable Construction

Designed for Use by Children

Light Shines in All Directions

Night Light / Reading Light / Light for Play Time

Light up your room with this cute and colorful
Mushroom KosherLamp!

Red Mushroom

Light up the room with the Red Mushroom KosherLamp!

A KosherLamp that's built for kids! The base of the Mushroom KosherLamp is very wide and that means it's very stable. Now children can get the light just right, whether it's to read, to play in their room or just a little illumination for sleeping. The Mushroom KosherLamp is made of sturdy plastic that can withstand everyday use by children.


Control the light on Shabbos, Yom Tov and during the week with this cute and unique KosherLamp!


Just lift or lower the top of the Mushroom (we call it the Mushroom Cap) to hide the light or let it shine.

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Red Mushroom


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Adjusting the Light

How the Mushroom KosherLamp works

There are four different light settings:
Maximum light for reading, Medium light for quiet contemplation in bed,
Low light for use as a night light and No light for sleeping.

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Available in these colors too!

Mushroom KosherLamp shines in all directions
The light from the Mushroom KosherLamp shines outward in all directions from the center. Light up your room so you can play a game, do a puzzle or read a book. Then lower the Mushroom Cap to hide the light when it's time for bed.

Pink Mushroom KosherLamp

Pink Mushroom


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Blue Mushroom KosherLamp

Blue Mushroom


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Choose Mushroom KosherLamp to Enhance your Room

How the Mushroom KosherLamp worksMushroom KosherLamp comes ready to use with a 13 Watt Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb. Perfect for Gift-Giving!

Let Mushroom KosherLamp set the mood for your room. Feel the calm and comfort spread out from the light of the Mushroom as you settle down to sleep. A steadfast light shines to let you read in bed before it's time to close your eyes.


Then with a gentle twist, you lower the Mushroom Cap to let only a small amount of light shine. This nightlight lets you see in your room if you need to get up but won't disturb your sleep. For others who prefer not to have light shining while sleeping, they can lower the Mushroom Cap until the light is completely hidden.


With four different light settings to get the light just right, you'll want to use Mushroom KosherLamp every night!


Give Mushroom KosherLamp as a memorable gift that will bring them light every day.

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Red Mushroom


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A Red Mushroom?

Amanita MuscariaIntroducing the Amanita Muscaria, also called the Fly Agaric

Yes, there really is a red mushroom with white spots in nature. They can be found in the forests of the Northern Hemisphere.

These mushrooms add vibrant color to forest scenery but are not meant for human consumption. Many artists like to add amanita mushrooms to illustrations in children's books since they are so decorative.

We thought that this mushroom would make an attractive and unique design for our newest KosherLamp.

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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

CFL bulb

The KosherLamp™ uses a special, energy-saving light bulb called a Compact Fluorescent Bulb. (Also called Compact Fluorescent Lamp or Energy Saving Bulb)


Regular bulbs will overheat and could potentially be a fire hazard.

According to ENERGYSTAR, a joint program between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs use 75% less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times as long.

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