Shabbos Water Games!

Don't worry, no one will get wet!

The water-filled games are fun for children and adults alike. Press the buttons and try to land the colorful hoops on the posts or send the little balls sailing through the water. It's fun to watch the the balls and hoops swirl around and see who can complete their game first.

Each Shabbos Water Game has a Jewish-themed background.

Shabbos Birds Water Game

Shabbos Birds

Can you catch all the hoops before Shabbos? Don't worry--take your time! This game is OK to use on Shabbos. There's no batteries or electronics. No mukzah Just pure fun.

Width: 5.125"
Height: 5.75"
Depth: 0.75"

Matzah Ball Madness


Matzah Ball Madness

Looks like the Matzah Balls are on the loose again. They dive, splash and soak in the soup, then run for the door. It's Madness! Will you help the chef catch them all?

Width: 6"
Height: 3.125"
Depth: 0.75"

Basketball Water Game


How about a friendly game of basketball? This game is mesmerizing as the colored balls swoosh through the water and through the hoop.

Width: 2.75"
Height: 3.25"
Depth: 1"


Matzah Ball Madness


Play with these fun toys on Shabbos

No electronics! No noises! No batteries!

There is no worry of Muktze with these toys.

Just pick them up and play!

Not just for Shabbos

The Hand-held Water Games are perfect for:


  • Quiet Shabbos afternoons
  • Long or short car trips
  • Occupying the children while grocery shopping
  • Doctor's appointments
  • Stress-buster toys
  • Little Chanukah gifts
  • Fit in Mishloach Manot baskets

These games are ones you'll come back to time and again for a little fun!

Shabbos Birds




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